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06-12-2006, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by znk
I'm sorry but the Dell xps1710 is the best single card gaming laptop right now. The precision m90 is the buisness version and its an awesome machine. Also Dell has the best support arround. If you get trouble with your stuff...they dont mess arround and replace. If you get even more problems and you complain you get compensation.

You're not verry informed if you think Dell doesnt use Nvida or Radeon cards....
Just go build a Dual 7900gtx xps700.

I build Desktops all the time for all the ppl I know. But I dont supply a 3 year warrenty with next day on site support and Complete care like Dell can. I personaly would build my own pc but not everyone has the everyday knowledge to have custom made PC. Also Dell has great coupons especialy in the US.
well, if you're getting a labtop...not much you can do in terms of doing it yourself...enless you're willing to spend money on an Alienware labtop, and I can bet you that one of those labtops would outpeform a Dell any day, but if you're talking about getting the computer that will peform the best you're looking at some pretty expensive stuff, I'm not saying that Dell don't use the brand name graphics cards, but they aren't as good as the top of the line stuff, they're at best mediocore. But as far as desktops are concerned the best desktop you'll find will have been built from scratch. Course it'll be an expensive machine.

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