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Originally Posted by rumrokh View Post
Bolded is ridiculous. Right now, the Blues' top nine looks something like:

Why wouldn't you say the same about any of those nine guys, three of whom are obviously not part of the "top 6"?

Schwartz has a lot to prove, but he looked good in his handful of games with the Blues. Over-analyze stats on a wretched team all you want, especially stats like plus/minus, which require context, but all it does is increasingly indicate that you've made up your mind. In which case, there's no discussion. Your suspicions won't be allayed until they are absolutely proven true or false. And that's your prerogative, but I prefer to use my eyes and reliably predictive stats, both of which give me more confidence than you'd have others exhibit.
In a nutshell, all 9 of those players are better two way players than Schwartz. It doesn't benefit Schwartz to play 10-12 minutes of NHL hockey at this point in his career as a bottom 9 forward. The goal is to get him in the top 3-6. Playing right now 20+ minutes a game is more crucial in his development. That isn't stats. He has no physical or statistical reason to be on this roster right now. It would be a bad decision unless there was an injury that allows him plenty of playing time to have him on the roster. He shouldn't be considered a win now option.

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