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01-07-2013, 06:17 PM
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The last lockout was easier to handle because I didn't pay much attention to the business side of things, and when they came back I had such high expectations of the Sharks, and was ready for them to seriously contend for a SC.

This lockout could not be more different. I paid attention to all the business crap and am furious with all greedy players and owners involved. Couple that with the very disappointing season last year, and there is not much to be excited for if you ask me.

When I was younger I really connected to the scrappy underdog nature of the Sharks. Now when I look at this team I don't feel anything close to that connection. It really sucks because I want to be excited about hockey's return. I want to feel those goosebumps I used to as a kid when I walked into the Tank for game 1 of a new season when anything was possible and "This is the year" talk throughout the arena. Unfortunately all I feel is anger that it took so long for these millionaires to finish arguing about how many extra millions need to go into their pension plan so they can retire comfortably.

Every time I think about these NHL players I can't help but scream in my head:

You are getting paid MILLIONS to do what you love! What the hell is wrong with you?!

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