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Originally Posted by Beukeboom Fan View Post
As I see it:

1) If Gillis and the VAN organization think they have an identical chance to win with both either guy - they'll both be shopped to see who gets the better return.
2) If Gillis thinks that the Canucks are signficantly better with one guy than the other - the lesser guy will get moved. Gillis isn't going to downgrade in net because one guy has a higher trade value - because the goalie is so important.
3) If there's not a deal that makes the Canucks a better team immediately - he'll hold onto both. I don't see VAN "desperate" to move RL like the Jackets were with Nash.

I'm not a fan of VAN - but I think it's pretty obvious they're in "win now" mode. IMO, they're not going to move RL just to free up the cap space. They need RL (or Schneider) to return players that will help the Canucks by contributing immediately. If those type of assets aren't available - I would expect they'd hold onto both guys, especially with a shortened season.
Thanks for the post. One more thing I think that everyone needs to keep in perspective is that the whole situation really snow balled in a huge way. I guess that's what happens when you name a new starting goaltender though. People forget Schneider got a game against Chicago the year before. When Schneider got a start against the Kings it really wasn't any different conceptually.

Because it was the end of the Canucks season and for the first time ever Luongo wasn't on the ice after getting bounced from the post season Luongo made some comments.

But really I think the difference between these two players is still unknown. I was certain that Gillis was going to trade Schneider last summer and simply managed his trade value upward. At some point late in the summer I changed my mind, but who knows the story isn't over yet.

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