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Originally Posted by kdb209 View Post
I can see lots of potentially ugly cases - hopefully they put some thought into how to handle things like:

- What happens if a player is sent down? put on LTIR? Suspended? Released? Do both teams get cap relief or only his current one?

- What happens if the player is traded again? Can his salary/cap hit then be split over 3 (or more) teams? Is the 50% limit then based on the players original salary/cap hit or the teams share?

- What happens if the player is later bought out?

- Do subsequent waiver claims have any effect on the split?

- If the player has Performance Bonuses, are their cap hits split for the purpose of the Performance Bonus Cushion?

The cleanest way to handle it would be to put the original team on the hook for the salary and cap hit committed to in the trade regardless of the later disposition of the player.
Indeed a lot of interesting scenarios-I suspect this could become very "loophole" worthy for teams who CBA experts work the system the right way. If unchecked, a couple of years down the road we could see an NHL rife with various parts of various player contracts amounts just kind of floating around among different teams. As you said, it could get very ugly!

BTW, was there anyone on these boards when the last CBA was signed where someone speculated "what if a team signs a player for 12 years for multiple dollars and lessening as a way of loophole"?-only to be laughed out and called "that's nonsense"-shortly thereafter the Dipetro contract (among others) were signed. Just wondering if we have any budding nostradmus' here on the board (maybe you kdb? )

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