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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
McCoy has done what exactly? Well, besides having Peyton Manning as his QB this season.

As for Arians, dude is old and me thinks there's a good reason he hasn't gotten a shot as a HC yet. He's riding a huge hype wave because of this season, and I think its an awfully bad idea to give a 60 yr old guy his first shot. Especially for a team like the bears who's in a mini-rebuild(at the very least) and would be better served finding a guy who can be here for awhile, build a team in his image, and develop it. Arians had to be taken to the hospital two days ago, how long does he still have in this league? Especially with all the pressures of a HC.
McCoy has shown incredible flexibility in his ability to scheme. Got the best out of Orton, Tebow, and Manning running 3 different schemes

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