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01-07-2013, 08:06 PM
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Sherwood g7000 stick, hopefully this one doesn't explode after a month and a half like my 9950. My last two sherwoods have had pitiful durability, which is odd considering how tankish they were for me before that.
Van Velden Mask
PAW knee pads, not a huge fan of these so far. Not really seeing the insane amount of hype they've been getting. They're pretty big and obtrusive. I prefer my vaughns so far.
Waxed laces.

Got to really give a hand to total hockey here. We had one open up around us recently and I ordered the g7000 stick through them. I was told it would be 50 bucks, ended up being 20 with their hockey green thing.

I'm actually considering stocking up on sticks and using this BOGO5030 to get a pair of 5030s for 30 bucks. Though that stick is fairly crappy.

I'm starting to think total's deals are actually better than hockey monkey's.

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