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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
When have the Bruins added 11m at the deadline?

If Thomas just says, "You know, physically, I'm done. I just hurt too much and can't play" and retired... would you feel better about it, even though it would have the same cap implications?

And also, do you feel like Marc Savard is being selfish by collecting a paycheck for not playing for multiple years even though he knows he's done? Wouldn't that 4m help the Bs? How selfish of him to want $ for not playing and not retiring when he knows he's done.
No idea. Maybe close with Nylander and Gonchar? That's not really the point though. If an opportunity presented itself and we couldn't do it due to cap space, that would royally suck.

Yes. I would feel better about it. Much better. I fully respect what he's doing with his family. I'm about his age, and have 2 young girls. It would kill me to miss them as much as an NHL player like Tim would during a season. I would never call him selfish. I think he had his reasons, it's just that unfortunately it may have a negative impact on my favorite team.

And comparing his situation to Savard is beyond foolish. I could care less about JJ's money. I only care about the Bruins winning. Savard's situation has zero to do with our cap space.

Come on Quincy. Your a smart guy, but you can often come off like a know it all instead of having an intelligent conversation. Consider the merits of other's opinions every once in a while.

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