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01-07-2013, 07:13 PM
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The younger kids around my area that I talk to, and I classify this as Bantam age, never really spent time playing around with curves much. Seems most just get thrown at the P92 or PM9 and then work there way from there as their sticks break.

Though, I'm fairly certain that's a product of not having a pro shop in the area that carries more than the standard few curves(backstrom, stamkos, kane or iggy, hall, and forsberg).

Though with total hockey's entrance I hope that changes.

Oh, and as far as the z9.
My buddy had one for a bit. He wasn't a huge fan but for 80 bucks, I don't really think you can do wrong. It was light, but I think he didn't like the feel? I don't recall exactly.
Now the zero limit, that stick is a whole different story.

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