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Originally Posted by Qubax View Post
I am fine with Irving having a chance as the back-up. Happy infact. But what I don't get is how this follows the whole meritocracy thing.

I mean if Irving was always going to get a chance to be the back-up in Calgary over Taylor and Brust, then why aren't they playing Leland more?

It just doesn't make sense.

For what it's worth, I think Irving has the highest potential, but I am also okay with the meritocracy just seems like the organization is being hypocritical is all.
Troy Ward has his way about handling certain situations and so do Flames management. As much as we all want too believe that Jay Feaster/John Weisbrod control every aspect of this organization from top to bottom that simply is not true.

It's clear that Troy Ward favored Taylor and Brust over Irving due to what they had done in the past for him specifically, So I don't see the harm in Feaster favoring Irving for the very same reasons.

You could also make the argument that meritocracy only works if everyone is given a fair opportunity, and I am certain if you were to ask Irving he would agree with that.

The fact is Irving has proven he can hold his own at the NHL level, while the other two have not. Thus in the eyes of Flames management he has earned the opportunity to battle for the back up spot.

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