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Playoff push 2017
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
While I agree, the only thing I'd make clear is that if you earn the role, you've earned it. None of this sending a kid back because that's what MIGHT be best for his development (people forget that rushing is not the only way to bust a prospect, keeping him buried can do it too). If Scheifele has earned the right to play on this hockey team, and in our case this year he literally needs to steal a spot from Wellwood/Burmistrov/Antropov/etc, then he has earned the right to play and should be played.

Best players play, IMO, and if he proves ready than that's what his development calls for, there's no set path for prospects, no "road to Winnipeg leads through St. John's", every prospect is different and develops different. St. John's is just a tool to help, but not every player needs to go there...

Only exception's would be you don't want young kids not playing regularly (13/14 forwards) and you need to fill your roles right, Scheifele is better than Thorburn, but different roles, teams need all kinds, so he probably wouldn't be suited to 4th line, particularly if they will be sheltered and barely played again...
I agree but would like to add a thought, this could be a year where Mark is NEEDED for the first 9 games and might even be needed past that point due to injuries and conditioning. It could be a unique opprotunity that he walks into a vaccume where players really struggle to get going and he is clearly one of 10 or 11 players that are in the top 9 rotation. if that is the case for the entire season and Scheif looks like he can handle it physically I would roll the dice. however I would hate the sheltered 4th line 5 minutes a game disconnect between Chevy and Noel in No mans land roll. I would Hope TNSE are a bit sharper than that? I am with you he has to "earn" his way into a top 9 spot. I just have a feeling we are Going to be battling injuries this year and might need 11 quality forwads ti fill the top 9.

If Mark sin't ready I have no issue with him going down and leading Barrie into the playoffs. he still needs to work on his size strength and skating if it's not quite his time so be it.

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