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Originally Posted by CapitalsCupFantasy View Post
Yes, certainly. I partially tore my ACL and they went in arthroscopically and trimmed it up and I went through 3 months of rehab to build it back up. 3 nice little holes that were healed up after a few weeks. A tear is transplant of a cadaver ligament I think.
Thats 1 option for the ACL surgery

1)Cadaver- possibility of being rejected, believe its the quickest recovery time but also has a tendency to not last very long.

2) Patellae tendon transplant- I had this done, they take a portion of your knee cap and a small chunk of bone and put it back in. I believe this has the strongest likeness to the ACL, but takes a bit longer to rehab.

3)Hamstring - no bone required to be taken, but I recall this graft having a tendency to stretch, which would require more surgery to repair the ACL. A loose ACL is essentially a torn ACL

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