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01-07-2013, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by fly4apuckguy View Post
I actually think there will be MORE NHLers at the tournament this year, for two reasons:

1. Some of these guys are going to want to engage in more than 48 games of competative hockey this year.

2. They are aware that they need to do some major damage control with hockey fans, and saying "I would rather spend that time (insert reason here)" is going to come off as pretty selfish at a time where they least want to be viewed as selfish.
But the rigors of a condensed schedule might turn a lot of those players away.

I imagine the host country players may be more willing though, but it's going to be a harder sell to many of the NHLers. I expect a few college kids for Team USA, and some guys playing in Europe.

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