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01-07-2013, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by msgminus View Post
Just got an authentic off the Amazon deal and OH NO!

It's an INDONESIA "authentic" with the neon green inside collar stripe and lower quality materials that are not the same as on ice stuff.

Size 52 Heritage for reference. I should have gone with a bootleg, serves me right for buying it without thinking
Most people are wearing Indonesia authentics; they are still higher quality than replicas and official Reebok merchandise and retail at authentic price. They ARE authentics. Only serious jersey collectors give a crap of difference, and if you are one, than by all means, be upset because I understand when you're a collector and only want the very, very top end, but saying you'd rather have a bootleg implies you're not and that's silly; the jersey you received is still the genuine article, unless you're a serious collector who needs it to be letter perfect, and better than what 90% of fans are wearing. The online jersey snob community has made it seem like the Indonesia jerseys are bootleg merhcandise when they are, in fact, still better than or the same as what most fans are wearing and officially licensed authentic retail jerseys.

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