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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Do you happen to recall any of his posts before last season? Same stuff about how Jagr is going to score 1000 points and win every award etc etc etc.

Can't speak for non-NYR players but I'm sure Lundqvist will be ready for the season and I'm sure I'm pumped to see him get back in the net.
I have never said he would score 1000 Pts. I'm simply upset about the way Jagr gets underrated in almost any context, now or all-time.

I'm done with these arguments though. I'm simply happy the season is starting and I look forward to a fun and exciting season.

I'm done with these prediction threads. Even when one brings valid arguments to the table, I get ridiculed. I'm a hockey fan just like anyone else. I have a favorite player just like everyone else.

Is it so bad to think that Jagr will be ready for the season? Is it the end of the world to predict that? Is it the end of the world to think that he will be much better than last season? Is it the end of the world to think he can be a top 10 scorer? It's a short season and with him being already in game shape and playing at a very high, dominant level in one of the top 3 leagues in Europe, is it so bad to think that he will have an easier time to get into the swing of the season than other players who have been inactive? I get it, I get, it's a young man's sport, but Jagr wouldn't be in the NHL just to collect another paycheque. He left for Dallas because the Stars organization (Nieuwendyk among other people) promised him a primary role in the Dallas offense and powerplay. He won't be a secondary player like he was in Philly. That's it, I have said what I had to say.

Good luck guys!!

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