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01-07-2013, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Happyhary9 View Post
You make no point but making an great argument why you don't buy him out. All he needs to be is good for 4 more years just like you said. Once he is at 1 mil a year he is gone unless he is still playing at a 5 mil a year type player. If not he would be so easy to trade to a team that does not like to spend a lot of money. Say even if Hossa at that time is a 30-40 point player and plays solid D, you can't sign a guy like that for a mil a year, which is all that matters to a owner that won't spend money anyway cause cap space is not relevant at that point just pure money. He would still be a big time bargain to a team that has an internal budget. How can some people just not grasp how this long term front-loaded contracts will play out.

As for the last part how would Hossa cost us 5 mil of cap space if he is not on the Hawks? If we trade him, he costs us nothing or he retires (which could be highly likely instead of taking the NHL abuse for a mil a year) and his cap hit is still gone.

It looks like if he retires we still get dinged with the cap hit.

Hossa has four years at the end of the deal where he gets paid $1m. Highly doubt he's playing in any of those seasons. You can't trade a retired player, and even the teams who barely reach the cap floor aren't going to trade for 5 years of a player who is going to be retired in 4 of them. If you hold on to him too long you could be stuck with that cap hit.

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