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01-07-2013, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by mschmidt64 View Post
Basically if Hagelin is our 2nd best forward prospect than we are in some kinda need for top 6 prospects in our organization.

Bing-Bing-Bing, we have a winner!

Yes, we do have an issue with our prospects having top-6 potential. The only 3 guys I see who have a good shot at being above average second liners are: St. Croix, Thomas and Fast, and I'm not particularly excited about any of them.

Sure someone like Miller or Lindberg can make it, but they are far more likely to be good third liners.

This is why I was advocating that we go for the high-risk, high-return guys who have some kind of a flaw (small size, injury, may not come over to the NHL) that caused them to slip to us from the top-5. There are always guys with top-5 level talent who slip because of other issues. They don't look great on paper because it is easier to draft a 6-3 200 pound guy and pretend that he has the skill that he really doesn't have than it is to draft a highly-talented player who's 5-9 170. You can imagine skill that doesn't exist, but it's hard to imagine height that isn't there, so fans inevitably prefer big players.

Nobody ever wonders: if they are equally as talented, how come a 6-3 player is ranked the same as a 5-9 player? Shouldn't he be ranked significantly higher? Oh, but of course the 6-3 player who is ranked the same as a 5-9 player isn't nearly as talented. But we can't see talent and we can see size, so let's draft size!

I really hope we take another Christian Thomas type in the second round. Regardless of how Thomas developed, eventually one of these types of players will make it and we'll strike gold. Seriously, how many tweeners do we need?


1. Brad
2. Step
3. Boyle
4. Miller
5. Lindberg
6. St. Croix
7. Nieves
8. Fogarty
9. Yogan

More than enough players, but none of the players except for St. Croix has the potential to be an offensive dynamo in the top-6.


1. Nash
2. Kreider
3. Hagelin
4. Hrivik
5. Bourque

This should be enough, and it's possible that Miller will play LW as well. But again, besides Kreider, what other prospect has high offensive potential?


1. Callahan
2. Fast
3. Thomas
4. Jean
5. McColgan
6. Spelling

Not great, but not due to the lack of depth. Adding a third liner isn't going to do a lot of good here because it would still require us to trade for or sign a first line RW. We need to swing for the fences with another Thomas-type.

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