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01-07-2013, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Ace Rothstein View Post
Supposedly there are going to be cap penalties for guys over 5 or 6 year contracts who retire with years remaining. I don't think it will be the full cap hit but the Hawks might have some cap space eaten up if Hossa does indeed retire with 4 years remaining on his deal as some have speculated.
I don't see that happening in Hossa's case as contract was involved with the first round on these deals. I think right after the Kovy deal the NHL reached a kind of agreement that these few would be grandfathered in to any new ruling but any signed after that point could face penalty's under the new CBA. Basically it was the NHL's way of saying yes we can't stop you from doing these type of deals because the CBA says you can but there could be punished later on.

Maybe I could be wrong but there were a few that were like this and Hossa's deal was one of them.

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