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01-07-2013, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
We NHL fans are the biggest suckers.

The players/owners decided to come back for their million$...
They should all play for free this season to really thank the fans, but they're so used to their millionaire they came back to make more money and it's from our pockets/wallets (that's why we're all suckers for buying such expensive jerseys and expensive tickets...robbery).

To really thank the fans...they should start by dramatically lowering the ludicrous ticket prices (and the playoff ticket prices are ten times worse)...they totally piss on fans and get away with it...we love the game/sport and they abuse us for that.

**** all the rich/spoiled players and owners.
The **** us in the *** everytime we open our wallets to them.
They abused me? I don't seem to recall Gary Bettman and Erik Cole tying me up in a torture rack, tickling me with feathers and making me watch the latest Justin Bieber video.

Whatever. It's done, It's over. I'll punish them by not giving them any of my hard earned money this season and maybe the next, but I will not be abusing myself by not watching hockey this season or discussing it with you fine gents/gals.

I freaking love hockey, I love this site, I love everything about it. The only abuse would be to refrain from participating in the things I love, especially now that it's available to me.

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