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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
I love hockey too, I love this're not the only one!
Abuse: I meant...owners/players abuse the power they that they take advantage of nhl fans by coming back whenever they want...after bickering over the money that was provided by fans. I'm pretty sure you knew I didn't mean that players abuse fans like a wife beater abuses his wife...or how a wife may be bullying her husband psychologically or physically (apparently it happens),etc...

I'm pretty sure you know what I mean when I write that owners/players abuse nhl fans. They ignore the importance of the fans...they just need fans for their money...the rest **** off.

I love nhl hockey so much...but hard to forgive players/owners since they ruin the nhl that we love so much by taking it away whenever they want to. They shouldn't have the right to take it away like that and come back for their money when they feel like it...after all it's us the fans that provides them with the millions theu're fighting for, Pretty simple stuff (not about the actually literal word...abuse, but yes in a certain way it is abuse of the fans...ignoring the fans).
I get what your saying. Unfortunately it's the way of the world though, look no further than all the labor BS surrounding teachers unions in Ontario and their fight against the provincial government. A few years back garbage was all over the place in TO because the waste management people went on strike.

It's just because of how much we love hockey that we (esp you ) are so butt-hurt right now. I totally agree they take the fans for granted, I don't think that falls too far out of line with a lot of other every day life situations though. How many people take their parents for granted? Kids? Wives? Husbands? Jobs? Employees? It's wide spread, it's hardly just an NHL problem. It's a people problem and it's a serious issue in society in general today. We truly need to learn to appreciate life more, the big and small things.

Now let's drop the puck!

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