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Originally Posted by avsfan09 View Post
He's scored key goals/points before against the lightning/ottawa and numerous shootout goals. He can be a clutch player.

The guy has one down year and everyone starts to question him. People say he has no hockey sense, no defensive skills, no compete ect. The guy clearly has hockey sense. Most of his goals are scored because he is in the right spots. His issue is when he tries to do too much. He will learn to settle down, it may just take time.

His defensive game seems to have progressed this year also and I expect it to increase over time. This is one of the hardest skills for young offensive players to pick up and it takes some players a long time to realize that good defense leads to more offense.

I have absolutely no doubts that the guy will be our leading scorer again in the future. just two years ago he was playing in the all-star game and he scored 67 points on a dreadful avs team. He has a great work ethic and like us was extremely disappointed in his season. He will be extra-motivated to prove that last season was a fluke.
Man, I hope the bold is right. And don't get me wrong - I don't question the guy's skill or heart. It just seems like whenever I'm watching a game and we need a goal, I want to see Duchene on the ice with the puck on his stick making a play or scoring the goal. I agree that the goals he scores are because he's in the right place, but I want to see goals at the right time. I want to see the play or the stretch of games that opens the flood gates and gives the kid the confidence to be THE guy in the key situations. I may have missed a few goals he's netted in the clutch, but it really seems like he hasn't been that guy. I'm trying not to get down on him, and I really hope he can motivate himself and prove he's one of our money guys for a long time.

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