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01-07-2013, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by InformTheMasses View Post
I can't say that I'm surprised that most people underrate Anders Lee. The NCAA does not get the same press as CHL and therefore less hype is created for the prospects that play there. People saying he's below John Persson on the depth chart? Based on what? Certainly not experience, age, strength, or skill.

Anders Lee IMO is the only true Power forward in the entire Islanders organization. As dominating as Nino's game is in front of the net (this year at AHL) Anders Lee is even more dominant, and he's bigger, stronger and older. He's also light years ahead of Nino as far as play along the boards and corners and winning and keeping the puck.

Nothing against any other Islanders prospect, but people don't really realize what they have here. I'm not saying Lee is the best or most talented prospect in the system, but he isn't that far off. What he IS, is different than any other player in the system. He can be a monster on any line 1st, 2nd, or checking line (dont just pigeonhole him to a bottom 6 role).

I like a lot of Islander forwards with Size.... Nino, Nelson, Sundstrom, Persson, Ullstrom, Kabanov, Petrov. Etc Its a wonderful thing. But I'm telling you that none of those guys play as physical or nearly as strong as Lee is. It would be a mistake to let this guy go over money.
Simple Fast Facts:

When Lee does decide to turn pro he will get max dollars according to the current ELC agreement which will not change when the new one is adopted.

Money or team is not the motivating factor behind Lee not turning Pro with the Islanders. Finishing what he started with ND is. I know you jaded types want to think *** about the kid but your flat out wrong.

Islanders brass happen to believe he would be playing with the club today if he had signed. That has not changed.

To believe by Lee not signing he is looking elsewhere is complete BS. The Islanders will not come up empty handed with this pick. If they wish to trade his rights there are plenty of teams willing to deal.

You really have no clue what this kid is all about which is too bad.

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