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Originally Posted by Agalloch1986 View Post
Yes... and they signed a CONTRACT to play with their respective KHL teams. As Radulov showed a few years ago these contracts don't mean much.

Are you living under a rock or smth?

These fellas signed a lockout contracts meaning they are legit until the end of the lockout. It's not just a usual KHL contract as Radulov's one back in the day. Also it may interest you to know KHL and NHL has since signed and agreement to respect each others contracts which means signing one of NHL'ers would be an infringement of KHL rules too. Marquee players like Malkin, Dats or Kovalchuk not coming back is not a possibility at all (Radulov as you may remember was still on his entry-level deal).

Lastly, what the article from October 23 where Kovalcuk is speaking about salary cuts has to do with anything?

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