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01-07-2013, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Espies333s View Post
Where did you get this from? I've only read that if they retire on any contract then it would count against cap. It doesn't make too much sense because most of the problem was coming from 28 year old players being signed to 10+ year deals. If this is the case I don't know why they would even include anything about it in the CBA.
The CBA also contains a 35-and-over rule, sometimes referred to as the Mogilny rule.[8] This rule states that if a player signs a multi-year deal when the player is 35 or older, starting in the second year of the contract, that amount will count towards the team's salary cap regardless of whether the player is on the active roster or not. This is designed to keep teams from signing older players to lucrative front-loaded contracts, thus saving cap room, in which there is no expectation the player will actually play in the latter years.

You can read about the salary cap instituted during the last negotiation here

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