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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post

The 2 paragraphs highlighted are not the only possible interpretation of "What it gets in return." Several posters on the PHX threads have suggested that the 2 cases in the original post indicate that it it NOT a matter of comparing to other arenas only, but comparing to other arenas AND the benefits to Glendale from the use of the arena.

Under that interpretation, Glendale is contracting to pay twice the going rate, and gets nothing in return (the indirect benefits at the local merchants are not admissable in this case).

Now, I am not saying how the court would rule. And, I am not saying that Glendale shouldn't keep the team. But, under that interpretation I gave above, it seems GWI has a decent case, don't you think?
Here in AZ it's a crap shoot in the courts.

Everyone thought GWI would stomp on Glendale when the original AMF was contested in court last summer and they lost out on nearly every count. Even with GWI having a win over Glendale in regards to withholding documents on previous lease negotiations.

But like I said above.... GWI would like to have the gift clause refined further than as it stands now. If they believe suing Glendale over this latest agreement would get them towards that goal they might decide to file.

However.... GWI also uses publicity as a tool for its agenda. They have already been exposed to having connections with the MLB team (Diamondbacks) who want to have the city of Phoenix turn over a publicly funded stadium to their control. Short of lip service.... they have avoided the City of Mesa spending tens of millions on a new spring training facility for the Chicago Cubs, who will get the lion's share of benefits there.

From a local political standpoint... they not viewed very well at the moment.

Still.... who knows???? This is the wild wild west.

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