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01-07-2013, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
Cutting it didn't make any sense at all. Neither did having the playoff games count. He should've been suspended for the remainder of the POs + a number of regular season games. Would've made a lot more sense.
are you able to suspend a player for an abstract number of games? i.e. can the NHL suspend someone "for the rest of the playoffs" - don't they have to fix a game #?

iirc...the length of torres suspension was an attempt to make sure he was suspended for the entirety of the playoffs - i think it was based on assuming the Nordiques played every series as a 7 game series through to the end of the SCF...meaning that there was no way that Torres could play again during the playoffs - but, as it worked out, they were eliminated in the next round so there were games that carried over to the next year. maybe someone can confirm or do the math...or i'll try myself.

eta: i think i'm right re ^^. the hossa hit happened in game three of the series and torres got a 25 game suspension. if (for mathematical purposes) you assume the Nords won the series in 7 games (4 games after the hit) and went to 7 games the next three rounds (21 games in total...which would take you to the end of SCF) = then you're at 25 games. so, as above, i think NHL was trying to ensure he couldn't play again in the playoffs - but likely didn't have the authority to "suspend for the playoffs" in an abstract sense).

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