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01-07-2013, 11:04 PM
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i don't mind Q himself as a coach that much - but imo bringing kitchen back was inexcusable. he made a stink about finally having the opportunity to choose his own staff - and he chose the architect of the most inexcusably bad PP in the league.

after that, i'm not willing to cut him much slack.

Originally Posted by Bubba88 View Post
Q may be gone after that early road trip. He was on the hot seat last year and nearly was fired. Special teams have to improve and we need to win a round in the POs. His job would be safe then - if he isn't fired before
Even if things go south quickly, i'm doubtful they'd fire him midway through a shortened season. i'd rather we just play it out, for better or worse, with the status quo - and if a replacement has to be made do it in the offseason when other teams are making staffing changes and someone decent may come available.

as an aside - anyone more clued have any thoughts about what good coaches are or may become available in the offseason?

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