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Originally Posted by Jee View Post
Twilight is a better love story.
...and at least in Twilight, the folks are good looking.

Back then we only had 2 girls on this board.

There was Lil Winger who was this totally average chick which I guess made her okay for Beaker who was REAL average himself, and anarmandaleb who was this freakin' gorgeous arab chick from the arab emirates who enjoyed the freedoms of Montreal in between visits to the UAE... and over there, I **** you not, they had gold furniture. I saw pictures she took with her family.

Beaker just went nuts trying to get LW, and he got her. So I guess it's a nice story after all even though it was sort of pathetic at first. Ana wanted to have a drink with me, I was in way over my ****ing head on that one so I never went. I SHOULD HAVE!

I miss Ana. We lost touch and I removed her from FB eventually. Wish she was still around.

Beaker... wasn't a bad guy. But he saw life as a wrestling show. Just think of how he left! He totally made himself into this rebel leader around which he built a stable of people who followed him to found Hockey Broads! I should know, I was one of them! And then we kicked him off the island. And then I left to come back here when hockey talk died on Broads.

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