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Originally Posted by drunksuperhero View Post
ok. short version of my story is that I'm a huge hockey fan and madly in love with a Swedish woman, and after visiting Sweden over xmas, combined with the lockout, my interest in the SEL shot through the roof. I went to the HV71-Brynas game and loved every second.

this might be quite simple for some of you to answer because I only have 3 choices: Frolunda, HV71 or Vaxjo. this is because my girlfriend's entire family all live in the south of Sweden, around 1hr south of Jonkoping. I want to be able to go and watch my team live as much as possible!

positives I feel for each:

HV71 - team success in recent years and currently, already been to a game (which I loved - hovi won), probably the easiest stadium to get to from home

Frolunda - 12k stadium (attractive in principle at least), very close to either Gothenburg airport which is where we fly to from London

Vaxjo - ... two players from gf's tiny home town (Gislaved), kind of it...

help me choose!

Just be a fan of MoDo.. it'll be pretty sweet when Peter and Markus make another comeback in 5 years.

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