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01-07-2013, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Oni View Post
Then why didn't this happen?

You yourself earlier claimed the owners didn't care about contracting rights... The PA should have just made that switch over somewhere along the way before watching 600-800 million go by the wayside.... Heck, they could give up a % point and make it 49% if these intangibles are worth so much. 1% over 8-10 years even with inflation / additional revenues is probably still well below losing half a year.

Also, why are we pretending that the players negotiated job security? They did NOT negotiate minimum contract lengths! They negotiated the ability to negotiate a longer contract which most of them will not succeed in, and those that do, have have at least financial security in the form of getting paid multiple millions of dollars per year.
Job security: 7 potential years of guaranteed pay is better job security than 5 potential years. Simple.

The contracting issues were important, but no one ever claimed they were more important that the money the players felt owed to them by the contracts already put to paper. That issue was first and foremost in these negotiations. Once the NHLPA started gaining traction in at least retaining some of that money, the negotiations on the contracting issues began in earnest.

I didn't say the owners don't care about contracting rights, either. I said that the split was of overriding importance.

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