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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
It is wide spread...totally agree with me...I appreciate or try to (every week) what I arms, legs, feet, hands, eyesight, hearing...I try to appreciate all this every week... but I'm venting right now...mixed happy we have nhl again...but still bitter because they took it away for so long from us...and they do it again and again to us. I almost feel like it's a right for us to have nhl hockey especially since so many fans spend ludicrous amounts for tickets, jerseys, hats, beer, crazy playoff ticket prices,etc...we fans should have some kind of union, some say in all this!! they have all the power...and it comes from money... the same money provided by us fans! not fair...but life isn't always fair. Glad we have HF to vent and share these frustrations! cheers! I'd love for us fans to come in now and say ''no! there will be no nhl according to nhl'll have to wait, play in Europe, whatever, but we're locking you players/owners out for an undetermined timeframe...just follow the news for any updates'',etc...(this would make some players so furious/bitter since they're so used to having all the power).
This makes no sense.

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