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Crap this thread is moving fast again.
Originally Posted by dannyboy8920 View Post
Haha yeah.

Wanna make it simple?

if they get 1st, Biggs, Percy. You change my avy. If not, I got yours picked.

Finn may be moved. Hes a decent pick by Toronto, but he holds some value and easier to move then Biggs or Percy who were specifically acquired.

I would rather say; Just this years 1st. but ill give you those 2 players on the bet, if you wish.

Oh i know, but i don't want to give him Finn in the bet too.
Nah, cause I think there is more players that could be added for that Value then those three, one being Finn.

Originally Posted by racerjoe View Post
Not high at all on Colbourne, Finn? or 1st?


Nah, too high on Finn and the 1st.

Kadri, Biggs, Connolly, Franson


Lapierre + Luongo
Makes me think, but can't give up Lappy.

Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
My honest question....when the "insiders" are suggesting that buying out Luongo is at least a consideration.....and the only information regarding competing offers being that Florida might be interested, despite having a goalie who had similar numbers to Luongo last year with 1/4 of the salary.... where the heck are these Canucks fans getting the idea for what might be a realistic trade?

Yeah, you can ask for Bozak because you need a #2 centre, you could ask for Weiss for the same reason.... heck you could ask for Kessel because you want another scoring line.... that doesn't mean it's realistic.

Don't get me wrong, Luongo probably has some value... and Toronto is in an excellent position to take him on without sending salary for 2013-14 back.... but guys from the top of our lineup? forget it.

Realistically... you look at the Canucks needs and what the Leafs have expendable... it's prospects, and depth centres. Take a guy like Lombardi or Connolly, and add him to Kadri, and that's probably what you're looking at. Vancouver stops accumulating cap recapture benefits, gets a guy who can help fill the void while Kesler's out, and a prospect up front that can play immidiately. Toronto gives up one guy who probably wouldn't be resigned, and a prospect who's only going to decline if you keep him.
How many insiders are actually saying buyout is a realistic option? Only one I have heard is Lawton one, and it is laughable, when you look at any it with any logic at all.

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