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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
May be the first GTHL player drafted, especially if Korostolev isnt eligible. Given that, he may still go in the 8-10th spot, especailly if all the US kids report.
JRC will probably get a wildcard spot for the OHL cup. Alot of OHL teams will want to look at JRC again. Korostelev has lots of potential. Korostelev is a throw-back, he truely loves to shoot the puck and adds a physical dimension to his game. He is quite mature physically already at 15, with the frame to support another 15-20 pounds. He is One-dimensional and that dimension is pretty darn good. I think he could get 25-30 goals in his rookie year in the OHL, but at the same time, his plus minus rating could be a -20. I think he needs to be insulated with 2 defensive linemates and keep working on his defensive game. Dylan Strome Id rather have, Strome is probably the smartest player Ive seen this year. Only one negative, heavy feet, I think he can slightly improve this. His heavy feet are rarely a factor because his excellent instinct and positioning put him right where the puck is. STrome is quite wiry at this point, a weight gain will further his development.

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