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01-07-2013, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
I think they're only doing ultrasounds and x-rays to check. It's insufficient but apparently good enough in some case.
Alright, I had a gastroskopi (??? dont know the term in english), which is a tube with a camera that is stuck down your throat into your stomac. Things might have changed now though, this was about 15 years ago. If so, go science! That was one of the worst things ive ever had done to me haha.

Anyways, signs of ulcers can be: Burning sensation after eating, constant feeling of hunger, waking up at night with stomac pain. Strong food/coffee might make it worse.

If you thing you've got one id check it out, if it turns into a bleeding ulcer it can be a pain in the ass to cure.

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