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01-07-2013, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by bassassin View Post
Wide-grip pullups for the first time today since I got chronic tendonitis of the subscapularis and biceps tendons in July

Been so ****ing careful since, but finally feel able to do virtually anything in the gym again (except dips, so wary of those ****ers)

4 sets of 10 with good form as well, so haven't lost too much from having to do other back exercises instead
Just curious Bassassin, as I do a lot of chinups myself, were the chinups the cause of the subscapularis and bicep tendonitis? Actually, speaking of scapularis, blah, what have you done to rehab? I have a loosey-goosey scap (shoulder-blade), and am worried about strengthening it improperly.

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