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01-07-2013, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by patty59 View Post
You've been rolling out this same old tired argument this entire time. The only problem with it is the 2 situations couldn't be more different.

It's about as lame as the people saying TT not retiring is helping the Bruins, like they somehow could have traded him

I'm a huge TT supporter and think he should be able to make any choices he wants about his future and career. But me and everyone else is still allowed to have an opinion about it.

He was a great goalie, still is. Did something that no other Bruins goalie did for as ling as I've been alive.

But him walking out is leaving the Bruins high and dry, there is no denying that, no matter how much you spin it or point at an injured guy who'd kill to play again.
I'll just respond to you tonight, patty.

I agree with everything you're saying. But I still won't...

Family comes before your cap hit on a hockey team. Yeah, Thomas has made things a little more difficult on the cap for us. But it's not a malicious decision... It's prioritizing in a way that I completely sympathize with.

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