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01-07-2013, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by SunshineRays View Post
In addition to Friedmans article about the 'Burke Rule', here's LeBruns breakdown:

So, the Burke Rule isn't specific to backdiving deals, it's specific to deals that currently have 6+ yrs left. I'm fairly certain 90% of NHL teams have 6+ yr contracts on the books. 50% of league teams have 8+ yr contracts on the books. I can't imagine any of those GMs are going to go quietly into the good night with this rule.

Also, George Richards (Panthers reporter guy) stated Weiss has been tied to rumors with Van/Luongo. I have zero interest in Weiss as he's an upcoming UFA. Why would he want to re-sign with a team when he'll be the 3rd line C? Going from 1c to 3c isn't ideal for any player, now matter how good a team is.
Weiss would essentially be a high end rental player unless he somehow manages to squeeze into the 2nd line:

Booth Weiss Kesler

Otherwise, I'm with you: Weiss is gone come FA day. Maybe flip his rights at the draft, but otherwise not much value other than making a strong push for this season to win it all.

With the age of our core, that's a potential way to go. But at the cost of the best goalie this franchise has ever had... that's a hell of a price to pay.

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