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01-08-2013, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
Not inaccurate, but its a slap on the wrist that will affect an acquiring team as well.

While not at all a "chicken little" scenario, it does make the contract less appealing even if only slightly. It certainly doesn't help his value.

Also, LTIR is an unlikely option that would require some pretty lucky circumstances. If the buyout serves the acquiring team better based on cap hit vs Luongo's contribution at the time vs Luongo's desire to play, that would be more likely.

It makes it slightly less appealing, but to what end? 2m in a potentially 70m+ cap?

The buyout seems likely. LTIR is not tricky if you have a savvy GM... The Canucks have already benefited greatly from it with Salo/Edler/Ballard. In this case, it benefits _both_ teams to have this occur, since both are stuck with the hit. This is the option of first resort here. For rich teams, it all but ensures they can continue to spend at or to the cap, without much worry.

Like I had said, it hurts Luongo's value, technically. In actual impact though, fuggedaboutit. This is what Canucks fans were fearing? Really?

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