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01-08-2013, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Cyris View Post
Now knowing that the team acquiring him will pay cap penalties after he retires do you still think he holds that kind of value?
Yeah I think he holds more value.

That's not even all that much I was trying to move more in your direction.

Kadri holds most the value in this deal for us, u have to give us one good piece and he is it.

The 2nd is also good, not a huge loss from your perspective, u get to keep your 1st and we get a 2nd to hopefully add a decent prospect to the pool.

Bozak is a Pending UFA so there isn't quite as much value (And i'm not there was a ton to begin with honestly) With our cap situation next year we could very well just use him as a rental and let him walk at the end of the year, who knows maybe he will come back to you if you want him.

Franson is really no loss from your perspective since he doesn't want to play there and doesn't have a contract and he is just a throw-in from our perspective so the deal is a little bit better, and we need depth on D, I have been saying that he is too talented to be a 7th D-man, and we should look for something else in the trade but since he isn't much of a loss on your side since he doesn't really want to be there anyways, he wouldn't be a bad throw in from our perspective.

The only major piece you give up is Kadri, your roster remains intact and your cupboard though losing a nice piece is still pretty full. Then when you think about what Roberto will bring, he will be better their than here, he is better when he faces a ton of shots and is consistently active, he can handle the market just fine, he will bring confidence to your group and alot of other things, honestly I think it is a good deal from your side.

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