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01-08-2013, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Stizzle View Post
Does a trade or poll involving Couturier have to be posted every single day on this board? Seriously people, he is not getting traded. I know the Flyers are deep at center, could use a number one defenseman, but this is a very special player. Ed Snider is said to be a huge Couts backer. That alone says he won't be traded.
Where have we heard this before? Hmmmm...

Oh, yeah!

Carter is untouchable.

Richards will never be traded.

JvR is something special we will not trade him ever.

Strangely, none of them play for Philly.

Yes, Couturier is excellent RIGHT NOW. He still has a lot of development to do, and, as has been shown, is not untouchable as long as Homer is GM.

Philly will love this young guy, and should keep him. The same is true for Montreal and Subban.

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