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01-08-2013, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
I assume you mean Lowe. At least you didn't post the clown gif again.

Lowe is not and never has been the problem with this team.
Pre-Katz, Lowe made the best of a small market situation. Given the economics at the time he may have even over-achieved.
He had mistakes, most only visible in hindsight, but no doubt there were some bad moves he made. He also brought us Pronger for peanuts (the kind of homerun most GMs never make in their entire careers ... derailed by circumstances out of his control) and the best playoff run I've ever seen.
The worst, by far the worst and the only thing I will hold his feet to the coals over, was the Horcoff contract.

Once Katz bought the team it was obvious he wanted his west coast buddy Tamby in the chair .... someone a little less "old boys" and a little more "businessman". Someone who would be down with shredding the franchise and losing on purpose for the longterm good of the STH outlook and the arena project. Tamby should have been fired already, but instead he got a new deal.

The list of things Lowe has accomplished in an Oilers jersey and as an executive with the team is worthy of more than your continual scorn.
When Katz and Tamby and Lowe are in a room calling the shots, I feel least worried about what Lowe is going to do because he's the only one in the room I know for sure cares about the jersey. I bet he feels sick about the way this team has been dragged through the mud since Katz took over.
Hark, did someone just defend Lowe? Will sit arbitrarily on the fence for this debate, but wow. Ballsy, considering the flak he gets around here.

Also - The West is so ridiculously fair that EDM could realistically finish anywhere from 3 - 14. I don't see how they could be worse than Columbus/better than St. Louis or LA. I could see Vancouver starting scarily slow, putting it together only late February. I could also see Minny just destroying the league. I can also see the Oilers winning some games 5-4. Lots of games.

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