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01-08-2013, 01:22 AM
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New details keep coming out.

Trading cap space changes everything. Teams can trade player and keep up to 50% of the cap hit and salary from what I understand

Salaries over 900k in AHL count against cap

Burying contracts is over.

All sorts of new fun rules, many undermine a hard cap system.

New rules look like they'll facilitate trades and gives wild gms like Holmgren plenty of wiggle room to get out of administrative screwups and poor market valuation.

I still don't believe they waited so long for this.

Anyway, LeBrun (after tweeting and reporting inaccurate information a few days ago) has more details. His stuff is easy enough to find, I'll wait until they start cleaning everything up over there. TSN and ESPN reporters did an absolutely horrid job covering the CBA compared to what we expected, they did a good job drumming up conversation though.

Kevin Allen has an entry with more information here.

I'm not the biggest Kevin Allen fan, but he's been more responsible than most of the popular guys when it comes to the specific details of the CBA (he seemed more interested in getting it right instead of getting it out first). He'll probably shatter my trust in him soon now that I posted that.

We still don't know all the details. I would imagine Hossa gets traded before being bought out in a couple years.

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