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06-12-2006, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash13
I don't hate Carolina. I like how they play much of their game. I like the speed they play with in the neutral zone, and i like how they rotate their powerplay so effectively opening up shots from the slot.

What i have disliked in the playoffs about them is their continually blaming refs after loses when they have been the beneficiary of most calls so far in the playoffs. Even tonight they get a phantom PP for hooking with less than 5 minutes left which basically did Edmonton in, and get away with a blatant crosscheck on Horcoff, a dangerous hit by Staal, and an easy interference call on Laraque. And while this has more to do with the refs, Carolina has no reason to complain.

Not that Edmonton's PP is dangerous, its just these pathetic marginal calls late in the game that always seem to go in their favour.
I though I was the only that saw that.

They have gotten away with the little hooks and grabs all series, I don't how they do it, maybe some special training, cause the NHL would never slant a game in a team favour...

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