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01-08-2013, 02:27 AM
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It took only a couple of posts for one of the anti establishment critics to come out of the wood work.

When you say: "the NHL doesn't deserve our money" do you know who it is you are referring to as the "NHL"? Just like people who say things referring to "the government" but do you know who you mean? Or when people say "they". Who are "they" exactly?

People in the mail room, people mopping the bathrooms, vendors, accountants, graphic designers, janitors, secretaries...these people are all part of the NHL. Do they deserve your ire? They're not good enough to receive the money a fan who wants to show team spirit?

The NHL doesn't only comprise of team owners and Bettman. Just like the government doesn't only consist of the president. And "they" don't only consist of the individual you detest.

This anti establishment phooey is nonsense. An attempt by some to make themselves feel above others and things. Its hypocritical. There is dysfunction in everything to a degree.

Many many years ago there was a person in my high school who was adamant about anti establishment and not wearing labels. Except every piece of clothing and every object he owned was designed and produced and shipped and stocked and sold by several different establishments.

Case in point, if the OP wants to buy a Rangers jersey because it makes him happy, then who are you or anyone else to say different?

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