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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Question: Does Burke keep both Scrivens and Reimer if he acquires Luongo?

On the point of running with your existing goaltenders: What do you think happens if Reimer fails to deliver? Does it get that much harder to get another goaltender, knowing that other teams know you have a greater need?
Valid question, and great point.

It's just a gamble the Leafs organization might just have to take. They've seen what Reimer is capable of, and it might workout for them again. Carlyle said it best, sometimes you have to make your system help a goalie if need be.

If the Leafs go with Reims, they have to help him as a team, because he's still a young goalie playing in a crazy market.

The thing is, I don't know what the Leafs can give the Canucks to satisfy them. There is no doubt that Toronto will be getting the best player in the trade, IF they are lucky enough to garner Luongo.

I think players like Bozak and Kadri are being underestimated by Canuck fans, Kadri especially. The kid is such a treat to watch, he draws penalties every game, his hands and play making ability are nuts and he's a chippy player that never shys away from physical play.

Bozak on the other hand might not be a 'sexy' name, but he's a good NHL player. He's definitely not a defensive liability like the guy on here keeps trying to say. He's quick, and has great hockey IQ, but I can understand why the Canucks want more. It's why he was kept with the Kessel line. If you look at the games Connolly started with that line, he's averaged just shy of a PPG, however Bozak is there to add defensive stability to the line.

It seems like an awkward trade to me, if the Leafs were further in their development they may have been a better trading partner with the Canucks. For example, I think a guy like Ashton, had he been more developed, be a player that makes more sense for the Canucks to obtain.

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