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01-08-2013, 03:52 AM
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Originally Posted by boredmale View Post
This team can trade a player paying up to 50% of their salary can open a huge loophole this summer.

Team A could sign a UFA(Or RFA for that matter) say to 25M over 5 years

Team A trades that UFA to Team B and pays half his salary

Team A trades a guy they want to buy out with amnesty to Team B and Team B buys them out

Using Rick Dipietro for instance he will have 8 years left on his deal @ 4.5M a year. It would cost the Islanders 24M to buy him out. But if they offer a team 12M towards a player they want to sign as a UFA that is half the price for that team who is fighting the cap
But wouldn't that team then have to pay Dipietro's buyout, thus negating the benefit??

Edit: ahh, the amnesty buyout, of course, was confused... Still, what's the benefit for the Islanders in this scenario... couldn't they just buyout Dipietro themselves without having to take the UFA's cap hit?

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