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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
I just want to clear up a thing.

Czech Your Math:

In your Art Ross rankings for each player, you removed the competition from US and Europe for every year?

Like for Ovechkin, he played in a league with only one Euro (himself) and the rest players were Canadians?

If that is the case, then the study is interesting but a bit misleading. How do we know the influence of team-mates? Too many factors to consider. But I agree that winning the scoring title was probably easier before the competition arrived from US and Europe.

Just not sure if this is a legit way to look at things. But then again, there is no perfect way. But if we take a look at the past from many different angles, it will give us a better picture when combining them.

Offensively speaking, there is many 90's players who gets a bit underrated due to the lack of hardware.

Was Kariya in his prime a player who you would think of being able to win the Ross? I would say yes. That is exactly what your study suggests.
Yes, that's how I created this "bizarro" hockey universe (also remeoving Gretzky, Lemieux, Jagr). It's not the only way, perhaps not the best way, but a useful alternative way to look at things IMO.

Of course teammates is tricky. The main factors I quickly tried to consider were:

- did the player finish behind a non-Canadian teammate, and if so was it significantly behind?

- were they often linemates or did they just play together some on PP?

- did the player only hit such levels/rankings with this linemate or did they do so at other times as well?

It's difficult to balance simplicity and fairness. Kariya's a particularly tough one, because he played with an elite non-Canadian and didn't hit those heights without him, yet the linemate was neither clearly superior/inferior to him.

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