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Originally Posted by ClemQ View Post
i have an inside with BC, and the reason i never heard the rumor, is because it's false and doesnt exist!!! Why would a team, 2nd overall in the league (4th overall a month ago) which already owns 2 (since they traded one to Gat) picks in the first round, try to acquire a 1st round pick in return for a top 4 D? Their 2nd overall, not 12th overall. They actually are contending...not wishing they were!!! Dont you think they would be more inclined to move a player like Verplaest, who is a physical player also + a pick or combination of picks for that PP QB??
They are looking for a puck moving D, just like Halifax, and Moncton, and Bathurst....are there any left that arent 20yr old? Everyone is set with their 20's, and there are not many 19's worth paying for.

Same thing with a Goalie, Halifax would love to have an experienced back up that could start, BC would also and Moncton would love to have a goalie that can stop the puck..

Your 12th overall.....9pts out of the 8th spot and you have played the most games of all teams in the league. Seriously.... i'm not sure why you think teams above them in the standings would want to move their top players to bathurst.
I've been reading chsb bs for years you have to know the following things.
He pretends to have inside info. All Bathurst players and picks have extreme trade value .
He's very jealous of the moncton wildcats and there success.
Every year the titans are the best team in the league ( yet the go out first round 5 years straight.)
These are the following players he said they were gonna acquire this year.
Huberdeau said this early in the season
Tesink , noreau,Murphy,Vance,danualt.
Pretty much every player available at one time or another he had they headed to Bathurst. A deal was almost done.
There new coach is the best coach in the league.
Said all summer and fall titans were a top 5 team.

With all his lies and homer Bathurst talk got him banned on the other board

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