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Originally Posted by JWK View Post
How's your training facility and youth facility?
I have world class training and youth facility. I'm managing AC Milan. Granted, it's my first year so I need to give it some time before seeing results, however I managed West Brom for 5 years and had development problems as well. Even with Milan, I bought young players (18 to 21 years) highly suggested by 2 of my scouts with 20 PA and 20 PP each, but once they started playing for me their progress turned to red and kind of stagnated, even though I give them plenty of playing time.

Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Download genie scout
What is this? I'm not interested in a cheating program if it's the case, I want to maximize the challenge in my game.

Originally Posted by Oenatzu View Post
How good are your coaches and how many first team minutes do you give to your young players?
I don't know if I'm following the right approach, what I usually do for coaches and training is I assign only one training for each coach, so I hire coaches with specific attributes in a way to minimize their workload and maximimze their impact on training. Most of my trainings are 4 or 4.5*.

But don't worry about me guys I'm doing well, I won Serie A and Copa Italia in my 1st season lol, but I'm just worried about a couple of young players I bought for hefty prices with 5* potential and are right now at 3.5* but their progress bar is red which means they're unlikely to hit their full potential.

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