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Originally Posted by fly4apuckguy View Post
I would guess that if we started doing these "what-if" scenarios, there would be some pretty amazing Team Canadas that were never assembled that we could look at and say the same. Maybe some that on paper would even look like they would crush the 2005 team, I am guessing. If you look at Crosby alone, he was not able to play in this tournament in his two oldest years. How dominant would he have been as a 19 year old? Wow, to consider it...

The truth is, speculation is just...speculation. There have been a number of paper teams that looked like sure things that failed miserably (Team Canada 2013 comes to mind, if we need a recent reference). It is what a team manages to do when it is ACTUALLY put together that counts. The 2005 team had chemistry AND unbelievable talent, and they put it all together for the most dominant victory that I have seen since I started watching this tournament closely in 1992.
I don 't disagree with you. My point is that Canada didn't make many mistakes with the 2005 roster,
while in retrospect the US made at least four errors in selections. Dustin Byfuglien over Likens is the first, while David Backes, Ryan Callahan and Joe Pavelski all were better than Murray, Wiener, Moore and Dowell.

In fact Ill say without question the elite 1984 born US kids were certainly better than Canada. It might be the only birth year where IMO there was a decent US edge.

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